Blonde Espresso vs Regular Espresso: What’s The Difference?

Blonde espresso vs regular

Every day, you have to make decisions about which food items you’re going to eat, what clothes you’re going to wear, whether or not it’s time for an oil change in your car – these are all choices that can be hard to make! One decision that some people struggle with on a daily basis is choosing between blonde espresso and regular espresso.

Blonde espresso is a marketing term for a lighter roast espresso that is specific to Starbucks. Starbucks began selling a blonde roast coffee back in 2012. It is made from lightly roasting coffee beans. This makes for a sweeter and more delicate flavor than regular espresso. It seems that the whole reason Blonde espresso exists is because it is preferred by those who want a less intense espresso.

Some espresso aficionados regard a blonde roast as inferior to regular espresso because of its less intense flavor profile. A bit like ‘espresso lite’ if you will. However, strong sales of its lighter roast espresso show that there is indeed a lot of people who visit Starbucks for a less intense cup of coffee.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger Than Regular Espresso?

The blonde espresso has a much less intense flavor profile compared to regular darker roasts and also can be desribed as not tasting as bitter as well. This isn’t surprising given that blonde roasts are produced by roasting the beans for less time.

Many people also feel they aren’t getting as much of the acidity in their Blonde espressos. At this point in the roasting process it’s mostly sugars that are coming out in the flavor profile, which can lead to ‘body-heavy’ coffee that some people prefer because they don’t like too much acidity in their darker roast espresso.

Another difference between blonde espresso roast and dark roasted beans is their price. Starbucks charges more for its blonde roast than it does for darker roasts because, blonde espresso beans are more expensive than regular espresso beans. The reason for this is because there is less of them produced for the same quantity of coffee.

Is Blonde Espresso the Same As a Cinnamon Roast?

There is some debate as to whether blonde espresso and cinnamon roast are actually different. Some people believe that they are the same, while others claim that there are slight differences in taste and flavour.

Cinnamon roast coffee is typically roasted for a shorter time than regular espresso, meaning that it has a lighter colour and is less bitter. This makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a smooth, mellow cup of coffee. Blonde espresso is also roasted for a shorter time than regular espresso, so it has a similar flavour profile. However, some people believe that blonde espresso has a slightly more acidic taste than cinnamon roast coffee.

If you’re looking for a smooth, mellow cup of coffee, either Blonde Espresso or Cinnamon Roast Coffee may be a good choice. However, cinnamon roast coffee has a slightly sweeter and less acidic flavour than blonde espresso because it is roasted for a shorter amount of time.

Blonde Roast

How to Get The Same Taste With Dark Roast Coffee?

If you prefer the taste of dark roast coffee but you want an even lighter cup of coffee that still maintains its original flavour profile, then try using half regular roast and half blonde roast beans when preparing your next espresso drink.

How Much Caffeine is There In a Blonde Espresso?

Blonde espresso has more caffeine than regular espresso and dark roast espresso. This means that if you’re looking for a coffee with a higher caffeine content, you will not be disapointed with a Blonde roast espresso. This is quite surprising when you consider the taste of a blonde espresso is less intense.

Caffeine Levels

Blonde Espresso: 680 mg for an 8 oz cup

Regular Espresso: 600mg for an 8 oz cup

Dark Roast Espresso: 580 mg for an 8 oz cup

Is Blonde Espresso Less Acidic?

Blonde espresso is less acidic than regular espresso but more so than dark roast espresso.

Acidity Levels

Blonde Espresso: 6.4

Regular Espresso: 5.5

Dark Roast Espresso: 4.8

Is Blonde Espresso Less Bitter?

As far as bitter taste goes, blonde espresso tends to be less bitter than regular and dark roast coffee, but not by much. Blonde coffee often has an intensity of 6-7 when it comes to bitter taste, while regular coffee is around 7-8 and dark roast is between 8-9 on the scale. This makes blonde coffee sweeter in terms of intensity for bitterness compared to other types of roasts, but also illustrates that any difference in bitterness in blonde coffee is slight.


All in all, there are some differences between blonde espresso and dark roasted espresso beans, but for the most part, they have similar flavor profiles. Blonde espresso is less acidic than regular espresso, but more so than dark roast espresso. It’s also less bitter than regular espresso, but not by much. If you’re looking for a smooth, mellow cup of coffee that still has a bit of an edge to it, then blonde espresso may be the perfect choice for you!