Coffee Machines That Fit Starbucks Pods

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So, you love a daily Starbucks brew but you don’t like the daily hit on your pocket! The solution is to buy your own coffee machine at home that is compatible with Starbucks own range of Nespresso style coffee pods. you could just get online and search out a Nespresso pod compatible coffee machine or just let us do the hard work for you.. Just so you know, Starbucks Nespresso capsules work with all normal Nespresso machines that you would buy for home use but here are the best machines for your money.

What Coffee Machine Fits Starbucks Pods

Creatista Uno Nespresso

This has good features for the price and makes very good coffee for an inexpensive machine, many people say that it is the best coffee machine they ever bought. It doesn’t grind, but it froths and filters. It also has a user-friendly control panel, which is intuitive. The only downside, some say that it is a bit tricky to clean, but I don’t see this as an issue as some parts are top-rack dishwasher safe, and as long as you follow this procedure it will come out sparkling clean. It will also fit the Nespresso pods from Starbucks.

Measuring a diminutive 6.7 in x 12.1 in x 15.5 inches it is small in stature but very powerful. With its 19 bar of pressure, you are assured of a great tasting Starbucks style espresso drink every time. The standout feature of the Creatista Uno Nespresso is its superb milk frothing capabilities.

Breville Nespresso Expert

This machine will make your Starbucks style coffee and with the help of the Aeroccino, it will froth your milk just like a real Barista! Coffee lovers rave about this Nespresso machine because of all its features. It is both modern in design and functionality, boasting real smart technology which means you can control this machine using your mobile phone or even smart technologies like Alexa or Google.

The coffee the Breville Nespresso Expert produces is also really delicious and full of well rounded espresso flavor notes.

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

This is a fantastically popular coffee machine that does not cut corners on quality. All Breville machines use 4 key formula, grind, extraction, optimal water pressure, and micro-foam milk texture. The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine are designed to use the best extraction of coffee from the pods for the best flavor notes. It features a simple push-button control for foolproof operation.

The best thing for all you Starbucks coffee lovers out there is that they are made to fit your Nespresso pods from Starbucks. Overall, this is a straightforward, easy to clean machine for the price that makes great coffee as well.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Built for convenience and simplicity but great-tasting coffee drinks, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro has it all in spades. With its 19 bar pressure, you are guaranteed a great-tasting and well-rounded espresso. It also boasts an excellent milk frothing system for making superb Starbucks style Lattes, flat whites, Ristrettos, and other drinks.

A great feature of this machine is its thermoblock technology that means it can heat up almost instantaneously for all your brewing needs.

Breville Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine

This is a fabulous little Coffee Machine with so much value for the low price. Coupled with the optional Aeroccino 3 milk frother to create the froth, this little beauty will satisfy your Starbucks coffee desires.

It features a 25-second heat-up time for quick and easy coffee. It also has just two programmable coffee selections which are espresso and Lungo and automatic flow stop. Thankfully, it comes with a few introduction capsules, but order more from Starbucks to keep you in supply. Another great energy-saving feature is the Breville Nespresso Essenza’s Auto-off function after nine minutes of no operation. You will be pleased to know that it is very easy to keep clean as well.

Starbucks Pods

The Starbucks Espresso capsules work in all normal Nespresso machines, and because we all love Starbucks coffee we are going to want to order some for our new coffee machine. Starbucks makes excellent espresso pods with a really good crema on top and the beauty of Nespresso is there is very little maintenance. There is now an official partnership between Nestle and Starbucks and they are recommending some new pods for you to try.


Q1. My machine uses a lot of water, my drip tray is always full.

Try grinding your beans more coarsely.

Q2. How often should I replace my coffee machine?

If you clean it and keep in good condition it should last for 10 years.

Q3. How do I clean my coffee machine?

It requires regular cleaning. Mix 3 parts of vinegar with one part of water and run it through your machine to clean it internally.

Q4. How do I order my Starbucks coffee pods?

Starbucks coffee pods are available online from Have a look at the range, there is an extremely wide choice and they are not expensive.

There is a Caramel Macchiato that looks fabulous as well as Nespresso and Medium Roast, House Blend, and many others.

Q5. Do Starbucks coffee pods fit Nespresso?

Yes, Starbucks espresso capsules work with all normal Nespresso machines and the coffee machines that you would have for your home.