Top 5 Coffee Makers That Can Work With Google Home & Alexa

Coffee machines that work with google home

Do you love your daily caffeine as much as you love your efficient time management? If this is the case, you will surely embrace the idea of a smart coffee maker. This type of smart machine not only delivers your daily dark potion, hot and steamy, or cold, or in whichever version you might enjoy it, at the exact time you want, but it also spares your precious time.

Obviously, a smart home appliance must be compatible to Google Home smart speaker or Alexa. This system will allow you coffee management right from your home or even when you are away and you wish for your coffee to await you, hot, on your arrival. Your daily routines get faster and easier.

However, if you want a coffee maker that best fits into your routine, you might have difficulties in picking up a specific product, out of so many. Thus, we present you with top 5 coffee makers that work with Google Home. We recommend them as the best on the market, nowadays. We trust this list of 5 devices will facilitate your purchase. Here they are, in a random order:

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

The Atomi smart coffee maker is designed for the smart enabled home. It features a big carafe capable of brewing 12 cups of coffee in one go. The smart part is that it is a WiFi enabled coffee maker that allows you to start coffee brewing from anywhere, in the house or from far away.

It is voice activated and compatible with both Alexa and Google smart speakers.


  • The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker allows you to create daily or weekly schedules, according to your lifestyle. You can use Google Assistant to decide the brewing strength, as well as times for fresh brewing or warm up during the day.
  • You might also appreciate this machine for its high quality, eco-friendly materials, modern design, and décor.
  • Another pro is the washable, reusable coffee filter that contributes to saving time, money, and resources.
  • Through a simple application on your phone and just a voice command, you get your coffee in large quantities.


  • The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker can offer you only plain coffee. This machine does not allow brewing other types of beverages or any type of the so-called flavored coffees. Some customers have been complaining about losing the WiFi connection, on several occasions.

Hamilton Beach Works Coffee Machine

Hamilton Beach coffee machine is another smart enabled machine that is capable of brewing a massive 12 cups. It comes packaged with the echo dot Alexa assistant. It has Easy app control, front fill, auto shutoff, or shut off with the app.


  • You can turn the machine on/off either by use of voice controls, or via the app, or manually. So a lot of options here, for your ease.
  • Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is Certified for Humans, the certification of a smart device for non-experts. This ensures struggle-free, thinker-free, and stress-free use.
  • The smart coffee maker is immediately ready to connect, and after the setup, everything gets even easier.
  • This is one of the most easy-to-use appliances out there, on the market. Your favorite coffee brand is easily added to the swing-out brew basket. There is also a drip-free carafe.


  • There are some regions of the world where you won’t get connectivity with Google Home, due to the app availability. So, before purchasing it, you should check the availability in your country.
  • It also seems to have some trouble when connecting multiple devices to Google Home, at the same time with Hamilton Beach Works Smart Coffee Maker.

Smarter SMC01 iCoffee Remote Brew With Smart App

This is a simple and convenient smart coffee maker, which guarantees you can have a good cup of coffee at any time, without having to wait impatiently for the coffee to be brewed. The Smarter SMC01 iCoffee remote brew is a great smart enabled coffee machine that has everything you need.


  • You’ll get a Smarter app both for iOS and Android that allows you full control over all its functions, but also a manual control.
  • It has a heavy-duty grinder that works really well
  • A great reusable filter and a 1.5-liter glass carafe
  • Three color interchangeable panels for décor matching.
  • You can connect the iCoffee Remote Brew with other smart devices with third-party integration. The set up is safe and fast, the selected variants are numerous: strength, beverage size, grind setting. You also get the option to set alarms like Wake up mode, Home mode. You can make both coffee and tea with it.


  • iCoffee Remote Brew with Smart App will keep your beverage hot for as long as 40 minutes. This time interval, although enough for some, seems too short for many of the customers.
  • There is no way to extend the brewing time.
  • No way to disable the audible alarm.
  • The beans do not filter into the grinder, so, if you don’t check it often, your coffee might be weak, as the machine doesn’t know if there is enough in the grinder.

Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

This top 5 list of smart coffee makers that work with Google Home and Alexa, includes not one, but two Hamilton Beach products. This is because they really bring ease and top quality to your coffee brewing exploits. This one is smart by virtue of its ability to work with smart plugs. However, it is very inexpensive and so is great for coffee lovers on a budget.

We present you with a small, compact size machine, the Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Switch Coffee Maker.


  • This is a great coffee maker for small homes and places and even for traveling.
  • It has an automatic “Pause and Serve”, meaning the brewing cycle stops when you remove the carafe. The advantage is that you can pour the first cup of coffee before even finishing the entire brew in the carafe. When you place the carafe back, the machine will resume its operation.
  • It features a swing-out brew basket, a non-stick hot plate, and a cone-shaped carafe for ease of storage and transportation.


  • The carafe is not insulated, it feels like a cheap glass that sometimes might leak while pouring the coffee in the cup.

Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine

The Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine is a complex coffee machine with a very modern sleek and beautiful design. It is as smart as it comes for Nespresso and utilizes many great features like automatic ordering of capsules among other things.


  • This smart coffee maker will deliver a wide range of coffee-based beverages. From your simple, black coffee to sophisticated Espresso and Americano. The options can be simply decided via Google Home, from the house, or, remotely via the Nespresso app, and includes 4 cup sizes option (.85/ 1.35/ 3.7 / .84 ounce, plus the 4.2 oz hot water).
  • The tank is quite large (38 ounces).
  • Nespresso Expert Original Espresso Machine has 3 temperature settings and a separate hot water spout. This is a machine for a real barista. You will also get, as a gift from Nespresso, a welcome kit with a range of capsules with their best flavors.
  • The heat-up time is a fast 30 seconds, whereas the energy-saving activates after 9 minutes of inactivity. Nespresso remains the same coffee making expert that we know very well, even when it comes to smart home devices technology.


  • The capsules sometimes get stuck inside the machine and you need to force it out. This results in a mess that is not at all nice to clean up.
  • Sometimes suffers an intermittent connectivity error, which stops the brewing cycle half-way.