Half Caff Coffee: Is it the Perfect Healthy Choice For Coffee Lovers?

Half Caff Coffee

What Is Half Caff Coffee?

The question I get asked a lot is just what is half caff coffee? The clue really is in the name, it is a great choice for anyone who wants the taste of regular coffee but with less caffeine. It’s the perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of coffee without feeling jittery or anxious later in the day. This cup of coffee has all the flavor but with less of a caffeine jolt.

Typically it is made using a blend of arabica beans but in some cases robusta beans are also used. Sometimes, to achieve the half caff blend a combination of both coffee beans will be used.

In this article we show you everything you need to know about half caffeinated coffee, including what it tastes like, how to get one at Starbucks and other coffee shops, and how to make it yourself at home. We also give you the lowdown on just how much caffeine to expect when you drink half caff coffee.

Where Half Caff Coffee Began

The history of half caff coffee is not entirely clear but it is beleieved that it begins in the early 1990s, when coffee companies started to experiment with ways to create a lower-caffeine version of their regular blends. The goal was to create a coffee that would still taste great but would be easier on the stomach and wouldn’t keep people up at night.

Buying Half Caff Coffee

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What Are the Benefits Of Drinking Half Caff Coffee?

People talk glibly about having a caffeine addiction but most of us at some time have experienced that feeling of having consumed too much caffeine and know all too well how unpleasant that feels. This is especially true if you suffer with high blood pressure. Here are some of the benefits of drinking half decaf coffee with half regular.

Standard benefits:

  • – Enjoy the taste of normal coffee but with less caffeine.
  • – A great choice for anyone who wants to cut back on their caffeine intake.
  • – Easier on the stomach and won’t keep you up at night.

Emotional benefits:

  • – Feel good about choosing a healthier, lower-caffeine option.
  • – Won’t have to worry about feeling jittery or anxious later in the day.

How to Order Half Caff Coffee at Starbucks and Other Coffee Shops

Starbucks and other coffee shops usually offer this coffee as a part of their menu. If you’re looking for a lower-caffeine option, just ask for half caff when you order. You can order it hot or iced, and most coffee shops will also have half caffeinated coffee beans that you can buy to make at home.

When you order it at Starbucks, you just ask for your normal favorite Starbucks coffee drink but half caff. The barista will combine half the regular caffeinated coffee beans and half the decaf beans. These can be either arabica beans or robusta beans.

How to Make Half Caff Coffee at Home

Making this beverage at home is really easy. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • 1. Start by acquiring caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee beans.
  • 2. Measure and use half the regular amount of coffee beans and half the amount of decaffeinated coffee beans.
  • 3. Combine the two types of beans in a grinder and grind them together.
  • 4. Brew the coffee as you normally would and enjoy!

Just How Much Caffeine Is In Half Caff Coffee?

While there is no definitive answer, a simple formula is to work out the amount of caffeine in milligrams of your regular brew and then cut it in half because a mug of this coffee contains around half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.

Typically, this means that it has between 50 and 120 mg of caffeine, depending on the coffee blend.

The Taste of Half Caff Coffee vs Regular Coffee

Many people prefer the flavor profile of this coffee because it doesn’t have that harsh, bitter taste that normal coffee can sometimes be accused of having. Of course it is all down to personal taste.

To my palete, it tastes very similar to normal coffee with its complex flavors but with a smoother taste. This is probably due to the decaffeination process which not only removes most of the caffeine but also some of the fruit acids within the coffee bean.

The half caff coffee I drink has a flavor profile that can be described as quite nutty and with a sweet overtone.

Half Caff Coffee Recipe Ideas

You needn’t just use half caff coffee as a beverage. To enjoy all the benefits of lower caffeine in your treats and speciality drinks then here are some great ideas for recipes that can use half decaf coffee and half regular:

  • Half caff coffee brownies
  • Half caff coffee ice cream
  • Half caff iced coffee
  • Half caff mocha latte


In this article we have answered the question about what is half caff coffee and given a lot of useful information about the drink. I hope you can see that half caff coffee is the perfect, healthy choice for any coffee lover who’s trying to cut back on their caffeine intake.

It has the same taste as fully caffeinated coffee but with only half the caffeine, so it’s easier to go to sleep at night if you drink a cup before bedtime. Whether you order half caff coffee at Starbucks or make it at home, you can enjoy all of the benefits of lower caffeine without sacrificing flavor.