Is There More Caffeine In Nitro Cold Brew?


The Nitro Cold Brew is an espresso rich beverage that goes through a lengthy cold brewing process and placed into a keg. It’s then poured into your glass through a special pressurized valve that infuses the brew with incredible nitrogen bubbles while being poured. Giving the nitro cold brew a robust and velvety foam that can only be described as having the frothy foam that’s more like your favorite cold beer on tap! (Just without the beer taste)! There are different flavors available to try like black and dark caramel and for a lighter more sweet flavor their are flavors like sweet cream and vanilla. That’s all well and good you might say but what about the caffeine?

So How Much Caffeine Is there?

If you’re a coffee lover like I am then caffeine is a big part of your day. (Especially in the morning.) Most like an extra boost in the morning but some like to have an afternoon shot to get through the last half of the day So is there more caffeine in a nitro cold brew? Yes there is. Quite a bit more caffeine. The caffeine content for the black and dark caramel nitro has about 155 mg of caffeine while sweet cream and vanilla both have about 110 mg each. That’s a good amount but most coffee ranges in caffeine from 50 mg all the way to 200 mg or more. This particular cold brew coffee comes with a price tag that could potentially cover a full meal. So why is there such a big difference in prices between iced coffee, and nitro cold brewed ?

The Cold Brew Difference

Cold brewing is not as simple as most might imagine it would be. Making a cold brew coffee is a much lengthier and more expensive process than any other way. Why is this you might ask? First, the per cup average is around four shots of espresso that is coarsely grounded (There is a variety of flavors to choose from.) and then the grounds are steeped in filtered water that has been brought to room temperature.

Where it will sit and steep anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before reaching its peak flavor. A flavor that will all depend on the room temperature and the type of grounds used to be steeped. After reaching peak potential the grounds are then strained thoroughly. At this point, the cold brew is either refrigerated to chill more or placed in a special keg that will mix the brew with nitrogen-rich microbubbles as it’s poured into a glass giving it that velvety beer on tap kind of foam.

Regular coffee and Iced Coffee

Regular coffee and iced coffee both go through the same heated brewing method. Most coffee unless specifically the cold brew coffee are brewed using heat. Using either water or steam to brew either one to two shots of espresso. Then they are either served hot and fresh to the customer plain or processed further to whatever the customer’s specific needs are. And if it’s iced coffee that the customer has ordered it just means the hot coffee gets poured over ice to chill it. which is why it’s called iced coffee and not cold brew coffee.

The Nitro Cold Brew Taste Difference

The process used to make cold brewed coffee can bring out intense flavors from the course grounds. There’s a rich aromatic smell that draws us in and compels our senses The longer brewing times and the use of more advanced equipment plays a big role in the way cold brew coffee tastes By not using heat in the brewing process there is much less of an acid content that is what usually gives coffee it’s bitter taste . So the taste is more smoother and sweeter.

The normal brewing process decreases the amount of caffeine using heat. Cold brew means there’s no heat to destroy flavors or caffeine during the brewing process. Leaving nothing but the natural full bodied flavors left behind Not to mention the velvety rich foam that the nitro gives it. Making it a whole new experience in flavor and texture for your tasting enjoyment.

Keeping It Fresh

We’ve all been there. You buy a drink and the next thing you know life gets busy and by the time you even remember you had a coffee it has turned frigid or if you purchased an iced coffee the ice has melted and it’s all mostly water. Unlike hot coffee, an undiluted concentrate of cold brew coffee can be enjoyed for up tp two weeks after being refrigerated. (Flavor quality begins to degrade after about 1 week.) If the concentrate is diluted however, than the brew will still keep at least two or three days. So your drink can be enjoyed later if there is no time to drink it immediately or even another day or two after your purchase. The price is a bit more but so is the flavor, the caffeine, and the amount of coffee and time that is put into that extra ordinary cup you get for the price.

The Nitro Cold Brew History

The history of the cold brew method is highly debated and nowhere near finding a resolution. As far as we can tell the first cold brew recipe was made all the way back in the 1700’s. Now where it was found is really what’s being debated and the year but the only known proof that is available today is from 1700’s.

Now the cold brew became a popular method when a place called Reserve Roasting in Seattle first launched their version in 2015. Since then Starbucks and a number of other chains have presented their own cold brew version. Today it comes with a higher price due to the cost of producing it but many don’t mind paying more as Coffee Shops all around the world are proving by making big money from nitro cold brew sales and regular cold brews.

The Nitro Cold Brew Facts

The cold hard facts I could tell you all day long but just like riding a bike explaining can only do so much. You have to experience things for yourself to understand what all the fuss is about. Nitro cold brew is in a class all of it’s own as far as taste goes. It’s bold and flavorful and has the ability to wake you up faster and keep you going which personally makes my day that much better when I’m off to a good start. I tend to feel good and stay more positive after I’ve had my coffee. I hope all of you do as well. Thank you for your time I know how precious it is and thank you for reading.