Jot Ultra Coffee Review – Wake Up and Smell The Jot Ultra

Jot Coffee

For many, myself included, a daily cup of coffee is one of those must haves in life. Perhaps you need that early morning espresso to get you up and running or maybe you prefer your coffee hit in a refreshing iced coffee on a hot Summer’s day. Some even prefer to skip the drinking step altogether and use coffee in baked goods.

Regardless of when, how and why you choose to consume coffee, grinding the beans and waiting for the coffee to brew isn’t the most speedy of processes, particularly if you are getting your fix just before heading out to work.

Up until recently, the trade off between a decent cup of joe and convenience has meant reaching for the instant coffee jar which I hope you will agree, pales in comparison to a fresh brew. This is where Jot coffee comes in.

What Is Jot Coffee?

Jot Coffee Drink

Ultra Coffee from new kids on the block, Jot, is a highly concentrated form of coffee, earning itself the title of ‘most concentrated coffee in the world‘ coming in at around 20 x stronger than your average cup. Jot manages this through their unique brewing process or ‘progressive enrichment‘ process.

The result is a 200ml bottle of coffee concentrate that you can then use as you please. For example, feeling for an Americano but woke up 10 minutes late? No problem, just add a jot (geddit?) of Ultra Coffee to your travel mug with hot water and you’re all set, ready for the day ahead.

Jot’s innovation feels particularly timely given many of our favorite coffee houses are out currently out of action. If you don’t have the equipment or skill of your favorite barista, a splash of Ultra Coffee allows you to make most coffee-based drinks from silky lattes to awesome affogatos.

What Does Jot Ultra Coffee Taste Like?

When it comes to taste, Jot uses a blend of organic and ethically sourced Central and South American beans to provide a smooth, well-balanced flavor that should be suitable to most palates. It is worth bearing in mind, particularly if you take your coffee black that this particular blend leans to the richer but more bitter side.

Most impressively, as Jot Ultra Coffee is so concentrated; when you add it to cold and long coffee drinks, iced coffee, in particular, the drink doesn’t suffer from the dilutional effect that pouring normal coffee over ice can sometimes bring, so you won’t get a watery and flavourless drink.

To help you decide whether or not Jot Ultra Coffee is for you, here are some of the pros and cons that you might want to take into account:

woman drinking jot coffee

Is Jot Coffee Any Good?

Jot Ultra Coffee Pros:

  • CONVENIENCE: no long brewing time required, just add a tablespoon and you’re good to go! This could be especially useful for trips away from home
  • VERSATILE: the sky is the limit when it comes to using Ultra Coffee, from coffee house favorites to your next coffee cake
  • ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE: Jot says that their beans are fairly traded and they compost their grounds to make a zero-waste product (although it would have been nice to see more information about this on their site)
  • RICH CONCENTRATE: as detailed above, this truly is a strong, full tasting concentrate and as such, won’t fall victim to the watered-down effect
  • COMES WITH SPOON: this is a nice touch and is perfect for helping you to measure out the coffee correctly

Jot Ultra Coffee Cons:

  • PRICEY: this one depends on how you look at it. If you are using Jot’s coffee to replace your one-a-day instant coffee habit, Ultra Coffee will look expensive. If instead, you are using it in place of your daily trip to Starbucks (or whichever your favorite coffee house is) where the average drink is around $3.50, it can begin to look like a saving instead
  • AVAILABILITY: currently Jot’s Ultra Coffee is only available to order online in the US
  • CHOICE: whilst the blend of coffee beans used is likely to satisfy most, this might not be the product for you if you like to experiment with different beans
  • PACKAGING: despite being beautifully packaged, a single bottle comes inside seven separate pieces of cardboard which could be seen as wasteful
  • VAGUE DESCRIPTION OF BREWING PROCESS: again this might not be important to all folks but if you are interested in the production of Ultra Coffee, Jot really doesn’t give much away…


If you fancy trying Jot Ultra Coffee, head on over to their website where you can buy a bottle online which should contain enough to make at least 14 cups. There is also the option to buy two bottles or even three for a discounted price, ideal for families (or if you are a real coffee addict!).

If having tried it you have decided to incorporate Jot’s Ultra Coffee into your daily life, it may well be worth your while considering setting up a subscription, available for one, two, or three bottle packages, which can save you some dollars in the long run.