How to Store Leftover Coffee – Brewed, Ground or Coffee Beans

Storing Coffee

Coffee makes the start of the day perfect for most of us. Well, sometimes it can get a little too much though and you might miscalculate how much of it you need. In such a case, you might be wondering, how to store coffee? So, you can avoid wasting the amazing morning fuel.

Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

In this article, I’m going to talk about how you can store and reuse coffee in different forms. Whether it’s brewed, ground, or whole beans, you’re going to know everything about storing coffee. So, sit back, relax and read this article till the end.

Storing Brewed Coffee

If you brewed more coffee than you need, before today, you definitely must’ve always dumped it into the trashcan. What if I tell you, you can use that coffee for making culinary wonders? Yes, you heard me right. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can store and reuse brewed coffee.

Using Freshly Brewed Coffee For Baking

If you’ve got a considerable amount of fresh coffee with you and you don’t have the appetite for it anymore, you can use this coffee for baking. Whether it’s a coffee cake or a chocolate delight, a bit of coffee always works wonders for baked goods. If you’re not into baking, you can dip your Tiramisu fingers into this coffee and avoid doing the work completely.

Storing Coffee In a Fridge And Using It In Sauces

Are you someone who knows food and enjoys cooking; Well, in that case, storing the coffee in the fridge in a plastic container and then using the delicious coffee in your sauces or curries can be pretty experimentally amazing? Take the risk and you might be known as the best cook in your family and friends which isn’t a bad title to have really.

Save Your Coffee For Your Plants

This isn’t a culinary use but it’s still much better than wasting amazing coffee. If you’ve brewed more than you need, you can store it in the fridge and once it’s cooled down, you can pour it onto your plants because coffee has an acidic nature, and most plants require acid to a certain point. But make sure you don’t over-pour the coffee into the plants, too much of everything is bad.

Storing Ground Coffee

If you’ve got a bit more ground coffee than you need or you’ve ground a little too much, don’t worry because you can actually avoid spoiling it and keep it safe and sound for quite a long while. Let’s take a look at all the steps required to store ground coffee.

Step 1: Find The Perfect Container

The first thing you need to do is find an airtight container. You need the coffee to stay fresh and dry. Whether you choose glass or metal, that’s not important as long as the container is airtight. If it’s airtight, it will get the job done and will keep your ground coffee fresh and amazing for quite a while.

Step 2: Avoid Moisture

Moisture will not be good for your grounds. Grounds suck up moisture very fast and that’s why you need to make sure you don’t pick a storage space where moisture is in abundance. That means you can’t put the coffee grounds in your fridge or near it. You need to choose a drier and safer place where moisture doesn’t make its way.

Step 3: Keep Coffee Grounds In a Darkened Room

Light isn’t that great for ground coffee either. If you want to keep your coffee fresh and safe, you’re going to want to place it in a container and then the container into a dark cupboard preferably in your pantry where no moisture or excess light makes its way. You’ll have delicious coffee ready to be brewed for a good long period.

Storing Coffee Beans

Storing coffee beans is very similar to ground coffee. But you’ve got a little more room in this case. Let’s take a look at all the requirements and steps for storing coffee beans to maintain their delicious flavor.

Step 1: Air-Tight Container

The container that you’re going to use for storing the coffee beans needs to be airtight. We need to keep the beans dry and safe so they can be used for a long while to come. So, the best container material would be metal and there are incredibly cute and beautifully designed metallic coffee containers available nowadays.

Step 2: Avoid Moisture

Same as ground coffee, you’re going to need to place the container in a dry, dark place where moisture can’t make its way easily. If you’re able to do these few steps accordingly, you’re going to have delicious coffee usable for more than usual. It will taste delicious, fruity, acidic, and just the way you need to perfectly start your day.

How To Avoid Wasting Coffee?

If you’ve got a lot of coffee grounds or beans in your pantry, you can use the aforementioned methods to store it. But how can you avoid getting more coffee than you need in the first place? It’s quite simple actually.

The one thing you need to do is measure your coffee usage. Once you know how much coffee you consume on a good day, you can get just the right amount of coffee from the store and avoid having to waste it. Buy just enough for yourself and your family whether you get it for a month, week, or daily.


Coffee is a delicious food component and an important part of our daily diet. In my opinion, it is one of the best and most nutritious sources of caffeine, much better than fizzy drinks and such. So, knowing how to store it can really be a blessing. I hope that you’ve learned a lot and you can enjoy delicious tasting coffee without having to spill and waste it in the future.