Is Keurig Coffee Better Than Drip Coffee?

Keurig better than drip coffee

Coffee is a mainstay of our breakfast, meals, and even breaks, and how! There are many ways to take our coffee and there are about as many ways again to drink it, and even make our favorite cup of Joe. This is also true of coffee makers too. In this article we compare and contrast Keurig vs drip coffee to help you choose the best coffee maker.

To answer the question of whether Keurig coffee makers are better than drip coffee makers then it is down to personal taste, but for me, drip coffee makers are better.

We all love coffee, but that doesn’t mean we know every last detail of what making coffee entails. With so many brands and styles of both coffee and coffee maker appliances, it can all become a little bit overwhelming. So with that in mind today we’ll take a look at two of the most common ways to make coffee and ask ourselves is Keurig better than drip coffee?

Drip coffee

The first thing we need is to properly define what makes each kind of coffee unique. We’ve all had drip coffee even if the name doesn’t ring a bell to you. Drip coffee is quite simply just coffee that is made with hot water poured on the ground beans, in a drip coffee maker.

The resulting mix is then filtered and served as is. In short, chances are what you think of as regular coffee is drip coffee and is made by drip coffee makers. It’s one of the simplest, yet more effective methods of preparing coffee so there’s no way to deny its appeal.

Does Keurig Make Good Coffee?

Keurig, on the other hand, refers to the coffee we make with k-cups, which are fairly distinctive and popular as well. However, once we get to the specifics of it all it might shock you to hear that the brewing process is honestly mostly the same. Hot water pours over the ground coffee and then your cup gets brewed. So all in all the basic principle is more or less the same, the difference lies in the details.

How Does Keurig Coffee Compare In Terms Of Taste?

So are keurig coffee makers better than drip coffee makers after all? Well, that honestly really depends on your definition of “better”. Keurig is in many ways “simpler” than regular drip coffee, or at least more automatic and this undeniably comes with various perks.

Keurig coffee is pretty much instantaneous, when it comes to coffee machines nothing quite beats the sheer efficiency of a k-cup. Just place it, in turn, it on and you can have your cup in the blink of an eye. Additionally, as we mentioned a keurig machine is just way easier to use overall. As the coffee in k-cups is already ground you need to do no prior process or wait for a grinder to work. You just slot the cup turn the machine on and can count with a perfect brew in a matter of seconds.

Additionally k-cups unlike regular coffee bags do have another huge advantage for casual use, and that’s the flavors. K-cups come in a wide variety of flavors already mixed in, and even famous restaurant brands offer their iconic brews in the form of k-cups. What this means is that a keurig machine allows you to have your favorite cup at the press of a button, regardless of your own skill at brewing. And even if you are an expert this can save you a lot of time.

Is Keurig Cheaper Than Drip Coffee Makers?

Cost is where things start getting a little bit more complicated. Upfront you can usually find a good Keurig coffee maker for less money than a drip coffee machine of the same price. So while at first glance it could seem like Keurig is just overall more affordable things might not be the same in the long run.

K-cups are in general more expensive than regular coffee beans and ground coffee, and Keurig machines only take them, so based on how much coffee you take on a daily basis the cost of keeping up with coffee might become more prohibitive with a Keurig coffee maker.

Also due to their simplicity, there are limits to what you can do with a keurig coffee maker. With coffee drip you can easily change quantities, make your own brews and in general experiment. Keurig machines come as is, and you can only do k-cups as they come from the factory.


Q1. Can Keurig machines take coffee beyond k-cups?

Not at all. Keurig machines are designed to work solely with k-cups so you can’t really use them for anything else. On the other hand all keurig machines can take any kind of k-cup regardless of brand.

Q2. Do I need to buy a Keurig brand coffee machine for my k-cups?

Nowadays there’s a lot of manufacturers in the market so not really. Many companies make keurig machines at great prices so feel free to go for any models that fits your needs.

Q3. Are drip coffee makers hard to use?

Coffee machines are generally made to be intuitive, so drip coffee makers won’t necessarily be hard, just less automatic. The appeal of Keurig is the sheer simplicity to both brew coffee and the access to so many flavors. Both have their perks and ultimately the choice comes down to what you value more in your machine, ease of use, or versatility.