What Coffee Machine Does Emma Chamberlain Use?

emma chamberlain coffee machine

When it comes to YouTube and coffee there’s one influencer that really comes to mind particularly in recent times. Whether you are an established fan or just learned about her due to her own coffee brand there’s no denying that Emma Chamberlain is a household name on YouTube. With roughly 10 million subscribers there are two things one can’t deny; Emma is definitely a hit and boy does she like coffee.

Even before launching her own coffee brand at ChamberlainCoffee.com a large percentage of her videos already centered on coffee, from various brews to reviews, desserts who used coffee, or just general videos about her love for it Emma has a lot of caffeine-related videos on her channel.

Now that does bring the question of what coffee machine does Emma Chamberlain use? What is the preferred partner of a coffee entrepreneur and self-declared coffee enthusiast who has all the budget and creativity in the world? Well… that’s a tricky one to answer.

If you’ve paid attention to her videos you’ll realize that it’s not like Emma has a single coffee machine for all her needs. I have watched some of her videos and I am fairly sure I can see a Jura coffee machine on the counter. I am not sure but it did look very similar to the amazing Jura Z6 though. Across the years and across her many videos you’ll realize there’s been a lot of machines in her life. In fact some videos you can spot two machines at once, so you know she’s serious about her coffee enthusiasm.

That said there are a few trends and specific models that have stood out, and all in all they give us a good idea of what Emma values in a coffee machine, which can be a great learning experience for all of us in general. So let’s take a look at Emma Chamberlain’s history with coffee machines and see what secrets lie in there.

If we go back a few years we’ll meet Emma’s old paramour, a Nespresso machine. Nespresso’s most famous lineup of coffee machines is meant to be used with their Nespresso Pods. If you aren’t too familiar with the brand then think of them like you would a k-cup. The end result is different, with Nespresso Pods usually offering more quantity and a stronger flavor, but the general idea is the same. You load your pod and then get an almost instant result, the key difference, of course, being that Nespresso serves Espresso.

Nespresso is a large brand for coffee lovers due to the quality of their cups, often resulting in a drink that feels right at home in any restaurant or coffee shop. However most Nespresso models are meant to be used only for pods, so they are limiting in that sense. So ultimately it should come as no surprise that when it comes to the bulk of coffee brewing Emma opted for other models.

Most of her non-Nespresso models are largely drip coffee machines, and there’s a good reason for this. Drip coffee is simple but versatile, at its core it’s just heating and filtering ground coffee. But in that simplicity, there is a lot of room to tinkering with your measurements and the way you make your coffee. This is particularly true when compared to Keurig and Nespresso which both are basically a single button deal, your coffee comes only one way and you won’t see much customization.

By comparison, drip coffee might be simpler if you don’t invest in its preparation, but you get to choose how to make it and you have the advantage of having fresh ground coffee which will be far more aromatic.

Emma’s preference for drip coffee comes down to a simple factor, she loves experimenting with her coffee. And while Nespresso is great for when she wants a specific cup if you want to make smoothies or any unique recipe the freedom of drip coffee machines is preferred.


Q1. Does Emma Chamberlain have her own coffee machine line?

No, or at least not so far. Chamberlain Coffee is all about the beans right now, with a selection for grounding as well for cold brew, depending on your needs and preferences.

Q2. Can any Nespresso machine take ground coffee?

Not really. Newer Nespresso models offer more variety on how to use your pods, offering a level of customization older models or keurig machines can’t compete with. But they still rely fully on pods so they aren’t a replacement for a conventional coffee machine.

Q3. Can I follow Emma’s recipes with any conventional coffee drip machine?

Yes, no doubts about it. Coffee brewing is often more about inventiveness and creativity, and that largely takes place away from your coffee machine. A better machine will come with more default options and will offer a better grind. But you can make a great cup on any machine.