The Definitive Krups EA8250 Review – How Good is the Krups Espressaria?


When making coffee at home, it always helps to have a high-quality coffee machine to do the job. Possibly, one of the best coffee makers that we encourage you to buy is the Krups EA8250, otherwise known as the Krups Espressaria. So, what makes this coffee maker stand out from all the rest?

In this article, we will be introducing the fundamentals of the Krups Espressaria: what are its functions, its design, its maintenance options, some of the basic questions, the setup and interface, among other things. We want you to know the many things you can do with the Krups Espressaria before you go and buy it.

Let us start this review by giving out the advantages and disadvantages of the Krups Espressaria. The Krups EA8250 has good advantages which include:

Krups EA8250 Pros & Cons

You can use a filter (though this is not required)The grinder is not made with ceramic, a more superior material used for grinders
The size of the water tank is immenseThe bean container cannot detach from the machine
The design is sturdy and well-builtYou are limited in customization options
Unlike other coffee makers, it is not noisyYou are also limited to the grinding operations
Makes quality coffeeKrups Espressaria doesn’t have an option for already ground coffee
It has two frothing systems for milkIf there is a power outage, the Krups Espressaria is unable to save data
Has a very powerful pressure pumpThe steam wand for frothing milk is too short
It is simple to use and easy to clean
It is an energy-efficient coffee machine
It is inexpensive compared to other coffee makers

With that being said, the Krups Espressaria does have a lot of pros, but it isn’t completely flawless. Now that we discussed the pros and cons, let us now talk about the basic information like weight, height, etc. and the parts you can interact with.

Krups EA8250 Setup & User-Interface:

When you get your Krups Espressaria in the mail, you will see a plastic black colored coffee maker. Because of its small size, the Krups Espressaria is good for small areas between the cabinets. Other than that, here are some other basic features you should know about Krups Espressaria:

  • Dimensions: 11.5 X 8 X 12.5
  • Weight: 10.4 Pounds (about 4.7 KG)
  • Capacity Of The Bean Container: 9.6 oz (about 270 G)
  • Capacity Of The Water Reservoir: 60 oz (about 1.8 L)
  • Wattage: 1450 W
  • Voltage: 110/120 V
  • Warranty Of The Krups EA8250: Two Years

Once you plug in the Krups Espressaria, you will come across a menu and four buttons. These four buttons have different functions. The four buttons are:

  • An On And Off Button
  • A Program Settings Button
  • A Button For Steam
  • A Button For Hot Water

To navigate through the settings, use the central knob and push down on it once you found the right option. The Krups Espressaria is equipped with an LCD that will greet you. From there, you have four options for coffee making: espresso, strong espresso, coffee, and long coffee.

Use the knob again to switch between the coffee brewing options. Besides controlling the coffee brewing, you also control the temperature of the water. There are three different temperatures to choose from. You can also adjust the amount of water you want.

The Krups Espressraria has the option to make frothing milk as well. To make this tasty milk-based beverage, pour 1/3 cup of milk in the jug. Equip the steam nozzle to the jug and press the steam button. To stop it, hit the same button.

These are the parts that you can interact with. Now that you know the setup and interface, what about the design? What does the Krups Espressraria come with? We will answer those two questions in the next section!

The Design Of The Krups EA8250

Like we have mentioned in the setup and user-interface section, the Krups Espressaria is made with ABS plastic and is black. Inside of it, you will be greeted with a design made with stainless steel. Besides the interior and exterior of the Krups Espressaria, here are the other features it has:

Water Tank:

The impressive part of the Krups Espressaria is the water reservoir. The reservoir is big enough to hold 60 oz. of water. This part is located at the back of the machine. It also has a comfortable handle and is easy to remove. This part is used for water filtering.

The Bean Hopper & Grinder:

Located right on the top of the coffee maker is the bean hopper. As the name suggests, this is where you put your coffee beans in. It is made with plastic that is see-through and carries 9.6 ounces. Under the bean hopper, there will be a dial that has three settings. This part of the coffee machine cannot be taken off.

Boiler System:

Made with thermo-block technology, the boiler system heats the water quickly. This is a helpful part of the Krups Espressaria because it gives you a nice hot cup of coffee.

Coffee Spouts:

This part of the Krups EA8250 design is where you can adjust the height and the cup size that is right for you. The less of the height, the more cream you can get!

The Control Panel:

The control panel has three major components: LCD technology, control knob, and an array of different buttons to choose from!

Frothing Unit:

The frothing unit is only used if you plan on making milk-based coffee beverages. There are two options for frothing milk. This is a special part of the Krups EA8250 because not many coffee makers have this option.

The two options are manual and automatic. Manual frothing has a steam wand which helps the steam. The automatic frothing requires one type of equipment that doesn’t come with the Krups EA8250. This part is the stainless steel carafe with a plastic tube that attaches to it.

This the design of the Krups Espressaria that is important to know. Now you know the design, what about the performance? Does it function well? We will be answering those questions in the next section!

Performance & Functionality:

The performance and functionality of the Krups Espressaria is extraordinary compared to other coffee makers. The Krups uses a 15-bar pressure pump which is essential for brewing coffee. It also can make the coffee hot because of its warming plate.

Krups Espressaria also comes with a dripping tray and a collector for your coffee grounds. The drip is used if any coffee is spilled during the making of hot beverages. The collector gathers up coffee beans that you use for coffee, making it easier to dump out. These two tools are easy to clean, so you don’t have scrub down too hard to clean them!

With the Krups Espressaria, you can make different types of coffee beverages like cappuccinos, espressos, rich coffees, hot cocoa, and you can even make tea with it.

Though we don’t know the exact number of how much cups you can make, it is assumed that you can make several cups of your beverage due to the size of the water reservoir and bean hopper.

All of this information about the performance and functionality make the Krups Espressaria a great machine to buy and use. We now want to talk about the craftsmanship of this coffee machine which we will help you determine if it will spruce up your kitchen!

Build Quality:

The Krups EA8250 is made with ABS plastic and its color is black. Krups only comes in one color, so if this coffee machine doesn’t fit with your kitchen, then it is best to find a coffee machine that is the right color.

The Krups Espressaria is built with well-built plastic. Krups comes with all the necessities for coffee making. Like we mentioned previously in the review, Krups comes with a water reservoir, bean hopper, boiler system, control panel, and the essential knobs/buttons.

This coffee machine is also easy to clean, which is what we will be going over in the next section.


The Krups Espressaria requires some maintenance. The good news, however, is that it is easy to maintain and clean! In this section, we will give you the necessary tips and tricks to keep your Krups Espressaria machine fresh and tidy.

  • Both the catch tray and container are removable and required to be cleaned once you finish making your coffee. To clean both of these parts, run them under running water. You might also want to use mild liquid detergent as this will be able to remove any residue. As for drip tray, it will give you a warning on the LCD screen when it needs to be cleaned.
  • The water reservoir should be cleaned once a week. After you clean the reservoir, do not automatically put it back on. Let it dry for a while before attaching it back.
  • The steam wand that is used for frothing milk needs to be rinsed after using it. Take off this part and run it under warm water. If one of the holes gets clogged with warm water, it is advised to use a special needle that comes with the coffee machine.
  • As with any coffee machine, Krups comes with a manual. Follow this manual to perform a full cleaning cycle. Along with the manual, there should also be cleaning tablets. Use these tablets to clean the machine and place them into the small slot on top. This process will take about twenty-two minutes in total.
  • The machine also requires descaling. A warning will show up on the LCD screen that you need to do a descaling. To achieve in doing this, use the powder that comes with the coffee machine.
  • The last maintenance requirement the Krups EA8250 requires filters. This only applies to people who use them. Change the filters periodically.

If you follow these six tips and tricks for the Krups EA8250, then it is guaranteed that your machine will look fresh and clean! Now that we have reached the end of the fundamentals of Krups EA8250, we now are going to go over some frequently asked questions about the Krups Espressaria.


What Are The Best Coffee Beans To Use?

According to the Krups website, the best coffee beans to use with their product are arabica beans. Arabica gives off the best flavor and is low in caffeine. However, it is important to try other types of beans. Remember, the darker you want your beverage to be, the more coffee flavor you get!

Where Do I Buy The Accessories For The Coffee Machine?

Krups Espressaria has an array of different accessories that are sold separately. If you want to check out or buy these accessories, we suggest you go onto the Krups website. You will be able to browse through the variety of accessories for their Krups Espressaria.

Why Is There Steam Coming Out Of The Nozzle?

This happens if the steam nozzle is blocked. Make sure it is not blocked. If it happens to be clogged, you need to clean it. After you finish making coffee, turn off the appliance and wait until it cools. Once it completely cools, you now have to clog all orifices with the needle.

What Should I Do If The Appliance Is Not Working?

If your appliance happens to not be working for some reason, there are two actions you can take. Check your electrical socket first by plugging in another appliance. If it still doesn’t work, take the coffee machine to a repair center. It is advised to try not to fix the appliance yourself.

These are some of the common questions asked regarding the Krups EA8250.

Who Is The Krups EA8250 For?

Overall, we recommend the Krups EA8250 for anyone who loves a hot cup of coffee in the morning or during the day. Krups is made with high-quality plastic material and comes with so many different options. If you want to have a nice cup of coffee, then get the Krups Espressaria!