Coffee Statistics in the USA

Coffee statistics

Internationally, the coffee industry is worth over $100 billion. Historically originating in Yemen, the drink has become the 25th most popular in the world and is now a vital part of many people’s day. In the US, the food and drink sector dominates a large part of the market and generates millions of dollars worth of profit each year. From the country’s favorite coffee chain to the average barista’s wage, here are some of the best coffee statistics in the USA today.

Coffee Consumption

On average, US citizens drink around 2.7 cups of coffee per day

  • In 2016, this figure dropped to just 1.65 cups per day, however after the American FDA suggested that drinking less than 4 cups was healthy, it became more popular again.

146 billion cups of coffee are consumed by Americans each year

  • Just in the US, a huge amount of coffee is drunk each year, equating to around 1.3 trillion ounces of the beverage, however, the nation doesn’t even qualify as one of the top ten most coffee-consuming countries in the world.

Coffee is drunk daily by 64% of Americans aged 18 and over

  • Whilst this statistic may seem surprisingly low, this only includes the regular coffee drinkers. 30% of the remaining population says that they will occasionally drink coffee too.

Americans mainly drink coffee to stay awake and be productive

  • A study showed that whilst 43% of the population drinks coffee because they like the taste, 49% drink it because it either keeps them awake, makes them motivated or gives them more energy


More women drink coffee than men

  • 66% of US women drink coffee regularly as a pose to 62% of men. However, an NCA research programme showed that most Americans were surprised by this figure, as they thought that a lot fewer men drank the beverage.

Men drink more coffee overall

  • Even though more women drink coffee, men drink more cups per day, meaning that they consume more coffee overall.

People over the age of 60 drink the most coffee in the US

  • Food Associations believe that because older people have drunk more coffee, they are immune to the bitterness and can, therefore, consume more each day.

Coffee Sales Revenue

In the US, the total revenue each year equates to $96 million

  • The food sector is a huge part of American culture and this number only represents a small part of it – coffee makes up a massive portion of the US economy.

Each shop-bought cup of coffee costs an average of $3.28

  • Excluding home-brewed coffee, each cup costs $3.28, and with 400 million cups being drunk each day, it’s not a surprise that the American coffee industry is worth so much.

On average, US baristas are paid $11-12 per hour

  • Due to the high demand for good coffee in the USA, average baristas working in coffee shops earn around $12 per hour, equating to $480 for a 40-hour week.

Coffee Types

The following coffee-based drinks are America’s favourites:

  • Flat white
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Iced coffee
  • Latte

Only 34% of American coffee drinkers prefer to buy from a shop

  • 66% of coffee addicts will happily brew their own drinks whilst 34% prefer to buy from a shop. Of the homebrewers, 45% will make it using a drip machine, 12% use an espresso machine and the other 30% use a cafetiere.

25% of US coffee drinkers are opting for premium range beans

  • Since 2015, the USA has seen a rise in the number of people who are either looking for a gourmet product, or something good for the environment.

Coffee Brands

There are over 37,000 branded coffee shops in America

  • Countrywide, there are 37,253 branded coffee shops, 8,721 of which are Starbucks. This figure doesn’t even include any non-chain, local coffee stores, of which there are hundreds.

Starbucks is America’s favourite coffee chain

  • Shortly followed by DUNKIN’ DONUTS and CARIBOU COFFEE, STARBUCKS is the biggest branded coffee store in the US.


The coffee statistics in the USA show just how beloved this drink is. Not only does it have a great taste, but its wakening effect is also a massive help to all who need it. Whether it’s home-brewed or shop-bought, espresso or cappuccino, 64% of Americans need the beverage just to make it through a day of work, although it’s important to remember that everything should be consumed in moderation!