The Definitive Keurig K155 Review

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Keurig K155 Commercial Coffee Maker

Many of us cannot even contemplate starting our days without a good cup of Joe! However, the cost of a decent coffee brew can soon mount up if you are buying it from your local cafe or Starbucks! Obviously, you know you are going to get the coffee you crave from one of these outlets but what if you could get the same quality for a fraction of the cost, each and every day? Thankfully, the solution is to purchase your very own coffee maker for home or the office (or both). There are many machines on the market but we are looking at the Keurig K155 commercial coffee maker today.

Keurig coffee makers are well known for their single-use, K-cup technology for brewing coffee and other hot beverages. The choice and convenience on offer are massive selling points for people looking for a foolproof way of making coffee. Keurig has machines that corner all markets from small domestic coffee makers right up to this beast of a commercial coffee maker.

The K155 is marketed as a commercial coffee maker which it certainly can be, but in reality, it could equally be used at home or in a home office environment also. In fact, Keurig K155 has cleverly found a place in all kinds of places, like receptions, offices, factories, and even dentist waiting rooms.

If you are looking for a great all-purpose single-use coffee and hot beverage maker then the K155 could be a great fit for you. How easy is it to set up and operate and what is the quality of the build like? Of course, the ultimate question is, just how good is the coffee from the K155? All these questions plus much more will be answered in the review of the Keurig K155.

Keurig K155 Pros and Cons

Huge variety of K-cup coffeesAdding the optional water plumb kit can potentially void the warranty
Makes great-tasting coffeeAwkward to change the coffee strength that is brewed
Enormous water reservoirThe water tank can be difficult to fit correctly at times
Can be plumbed into the water supply (optional kit available)
Beautiful touch display for making selections
Multiple language support
Adjustable water temperature
Super quick brewing time (< 1 minute)
Support for many cup sizes
Removable drip tray
Looks amazing and superb build quality

Keurig K155 Design and Specifications

The Keurig K155 commercial coffee maker is a compact but sturdy unit and feels fairly lightweight when you pull it out of the carefully packaged box. It has protective plastic that needs to be removed from its various components and then, very importantly, the water tank needs a good wash with soapy water and a good rinse as well.

Many people have complained about a plastic taste to the coffee that the K155 brews. Invariably, this is due to not washing the components adequately before initial use.

Keurig K155 Features and specifications

Product Dimensions: 14.00 x 10.38 x 13.80 inches
Product Weight: 6 lbs
Mains Cord Length: 48 inches
Material: Plastic and chrome finish
Color: Silver
Water Tank: 90oz (18 cups)
Brew Sizes: 4, 6, 8, and 10 oz
User Interface: Touch screen display

Keurig K155
Keurig K155

Although the height of the K155 is only just over a foot, you should be aware that it does increase to 16 inches when the K-cup lever is activated to place the k-cup in the holder.

This becomes an important consideration with regard to where you position the coffee machine in terms of any overhead obstructions like cupboards.

In terms of how the machine looks, it has quite a stylish appearance with its silver plastic finish and tinged with chrome. Altogether it is very pleasing, especially with the beautiful touch screen display as well.

Keurig K155 Performance & Functionality

The wonderful thing about the Keurig K155 is that it really is incredibly easy to use. For its first time use, it really is important to stress that the water tank needs cleaning with soapy water and rinsing thoroughly to take any nasty taste away from your brew. It is also important to rinse through the system to also ensure optimum coffee taste.

In use, the K155 really is easy to setup. Just plug in the power source and fill the water tank with water (preferably filtered water), lift the chrome lever, place your K-cup in the holder and select your drink and press the large “Brew” button. Within a minute you will have a delicious cup of coffee. Like I say, it really is simple.

What sets this coffee machine apart from its contemporaries is that it can be used in a commercial environment. Whether it is a doctor’s surgery waiting room or a gas station or even an office, the Keurig K155 will fit in very nicely. The large water tank ensures that it will make many cups of coffee before it needs refilling again. In fact, you can even purchase an optional plumb kit to enable the machine to be plumbed into the water supply.

I do recommend a reverse osmosis water supply to reduce the amount of descaling needed though. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is only good for a commercial location, it will equally be at home, in your home.

Like I mentioned earlier, the beauty of this machine is its simplicity of use but I guess a downside of this is that it has very few functions to adjust your coffee brew. For example, there is no easy way to adjust the amount of water expressed for each brew size. Effectively this means you cannot adjust the coffee strength of each brew. In fact, the only real adjustment you can make is to the brew temperature. For some, this may potentially be an issue if you are not happy with the strength of the coffee on offer but for most, it won’t be an issue.

The K155 is all about simplicity and speed, you can literally be thinking about having a cup of coffee and within a minute, that steaming cup of delicious coffee can be in your hand. Now, that is quick!

There are essentially 4 brew sizes on offer (4, 6, 8, and 10 oz) and it is possible to remove any of them from the interface except for the 8 oz for some weird reason. The beauty of this is once again, simplicity. In a commercial location, you can make it foolproof by having just 1 size brew to select.

I found the water tank to be a little awkward at first to remove and replace again once full. However, it soon transpired that this was more of an operator error than a weakness of the Keurig K155. Once I understood the technique, it was actually easy enough. With regards to the water tank, it is large enough to ensure that you won’t be filling this thing up every couple of hours.

A really nice touch was the bonus of 12 K-Cup coffees to try out. This gives you a great opportunity to get started quickly with the K155 but also find your favorite coffee to buy more of later.

Keurig K155 User Interface

The user interface for the Keurig K155 is a beautiful and fairly large touch screen display and a big button underneath which is tasked with one job and that is to “Brew”.

When you initially switch on your K155, the display will inform you of the time, the water level, and also that it is heating up the water. The heating of the water takes a relatively short amount of time and ensures that you will always have an optimal temperature for all your brews.

A really nice touch is the 2 language options of Spanish and French. Once again, great in a commercial environment for people who only speak these languages.

Selecting anything on the touch screen is simply a question of gently pressing the relevant button on the display. Overall, it is a very well laid out user interface and very intuitive.

Once the water has reached the correct temperature, you are faced with your choice of 4 brew sizes in total, as I mentioned earlier in the review. The display makes it very clear what size drinks that are on offer and even indicates what type of cup, mug, or flask you need.

Of course you need to ensure that you have the correct cup, mug or flask placed strategically on the removable drip tray. You then simply press the brew size button of your choice and then the OK button on the display.

It is then just a question of pressing the big brew button below the display and waiting a short amount of time for your drink to be poured.

To access the set up menu for the machine, you need to rest your finger on the display for about 4 seconds while powering up the K155. This will then reveal some basic settings for the machine.

The home button will take you back to the home screen ready for drink selection. The clock button is simply where you can adjust the clock time.

The brew size button will allow you to add or remove the four drink sizes on offer.

The auto off button is a nice environmental feature to save power. Essentially, you can set a preset amount of time of not being used before the machine goes into power off mode or standby mode.

You can also set the default language of the K155 in this menu and also there is a contact button that displays some contact information for Keurig in case you need to get hold of them.

The brew temp button is pretty much the only adjustment you can make to the coffee itself. As you can see it is very simple to adjust the brew temperature using the plus and minus buttons. It also will tell you the temperature that you want to set it to.

Once you have set the temperature you want, you just click the OK button and it is all set for future use.

Keurig K155 Build Quality

Weighing in at just 6 lbs, the Keurig K155 isn’t as heavy as some of its coffee machine contemporaries. It is heavy enough with the water tank filled not to be accidentally pushed off a worktop or a counter though. The plastic construction is certainly strong enough and you don’t get the sense that it is breakable or fragile. Altogether, it has an elegant finish and not only looks fantastic but feels built to last as well.

The chrome plated lever that reveals the K-Cup compartment has a nice solid feel to it and very positive as well. Some of the complaints aimed at the K155’s predecessor (the K150) was that this lever felt cheap and didn’t give great feedback when using it. Obviously Keurig have taken on board this criticism and made the lever a lot more responsive.

The other great news is that the K155 is also able to use compatible K-cups as well as the official ones. This opens up a lot more choice for the user.

Keurig K155 Maintenance

The Keurig K155, like most coffee machines, will need a maintenance schedule to keep it in tip-top condition. I do recommend that you use filtered water to minimize the amount of maintenance required but even so there are things that need to be done.

The most important thing is to watch out for scale build-up and the best approach is to regularly use coffee machine de-scaler with it. Perhaps, do this every couple of months or just follow the manufacturer’s guidance on this.

Keurig’s have a great system for draining the water out of the machine when you need to move it or store it away. This is important for commercial machines and the K155 is no different.

Keurig K155 Accessories

There are a few important accessories for the Keurig K155 if you wish to expand its capabilities. Here are my favorite ones.

The K155 has the ability to be plumbed into a water supply and this pure water filter is essential in this process. You need to be aware that fitting a plumb kit to the K155 could potentially void the warranty of the unit, so be warned about that and use due diligence.

What use is a K-cup coffee machine like the K155 if you don’t have K-cup coffee to use? The machine comes supplied with a great bonus of 12 complimentary K-cup coffees to try but this K-cup coffee tree makes a great addition to buy.

Who Is The Keurig K155 For?

There are many people who would benefit from buying the K155. You may have a waiting room for a car mechanic or tire fitters shop. Perhaps you work in a doctors surgery and need a machine for the waiting room. It is also a great machine for the home, especially if you need a quick coffee on the go and don’t have time to wait. It makes for a sound investment if you visit coffee shops daily for your cup of Joe.

Keurig K155 FAQ

Q. What is the difference between the Keurig k150 and k155?

A. The K150 actually had one extra coffee size with a 12 oz brew but the K155 has done away with this for some reason. The K155 is able to use compatible K-cups where the K150 didn’t. The K150 is considerably heavier than the K155 and the overall build quality of the K155 is an improvement.

Q. Are Keurig coffee machines a good investment?

A. Keurig are a bit more expensive than their contemporaries but they are quality machines through and through and will certainly last many years. I say they are a good investment.

Keurig K155 Verdict

If you are in the market for a coffee machine for your home and you are more concerned with getting a quick but decent cup of coffee with plenty of choice of K-cups on offer, then this is for you. If you prefer a more technical set up and the ability to make speciality coffees and espressos then this might not be for you.

For commercial premises, this is a no-brainer. It is very affordable and will provide your customers and staff with a quick easy and effortless cup of coffee.

Overall, I love the coffee that the K155 makes and I also love the speed and efficiency in creating that coffee. This really is the perfect coffee machine for many people and you will not regret your purchase if you make it.