What Coffee Does Cracker Barrel Use?

Cracker Barrel Coffee

People love Cracker Barrel Coffee and often ask what coffee does cracker barrel use? After some extensive research and lots of taste testing, we have the answer you are looking for.

The beans are 100% premium Arabica Beans and are obtained from East Africa and Central and South America. The blend is balanced, sweet, and full of flavor, and one of the reasons for its popularity is that it mixes well with the myriad of alternate milk now used. The coffee beans are just one part of the story though and we also tried many coffee brewing processes to get that unique cracker barrel taste.

What Is a Cracker Barrel Store?

Cracker Barrel Stores are stores that specialize in Coffee and Gifts, having a slightly old-world charm, and are in most states of the USA. Like restaurants, they have suffered under lockdown, but are now open for business again. You can go along for breakfast on your way to work and relax with the first coffee of the day. Many people say it is the nicest coffee ever so while you are there you can buy your Arabica coffee to take home and see if you can replicate it.

The burning question for Cracker Barrel coffee lovers during lockdown is how to replicate that great taste of coffee at home.

Cracker Barrel Coffee

Part of the success of the Arabica coffee beans, and what makes them unique is that the beans come from an ideal climate on the Colombian Popayan plateau. They are then batch roasted across the USA in accordance with the food safety act and are ready for your daily consumption.

With the right coffee beans blended and ground, we then worked out the best coffee machine to use. We found the best coffee machine was the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker.

Ways To Brew Your Coffee With Keurig

If you have recently purchased your new Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker, Single Serve K- Cup Pod Coffee Brewer 8-12 oz Brew Sizes, in Black, you are in luck as at just 5″ wide, the K-slim single-serve coffee maker fits neatly on your countertop it is the perfect choice for when you don’t have much room and of course, the pods contain Arabica coffee.

The Keurig K- Elite is the best Keurig-branded pod brewer in the ratings. This tells you something about the quality of the machine with its brewing range rated for excellence and convenience. If you are rushing off to work you may well rely on your coffee pod maker to deliver your caffeine fast before you leave the house. Keurig is a very popular brand with good consistency and great temperature. Programing is easily mastered and it has a removable reservoir and adjustable drip tray.

Coffee machines have come a long way since the steam machines of 100 years ago, and researchers are constantly improving the product to bring you the best coffee experience.

The Cracker Barrel Coffee Experience

If you go to a Cracker Barrel restaurant you will be served 100% Arabica coffee so the question ‘what coffee does Cracker Barrel use’ is readily answered and you can be confident that the quality will remain consistent and you will want to return.

They are also selling an amazing range of coffee mugs, some of them are going to make really great Christmas or end of year gifts for friends and family, and there are literally mugs for every occasion often combined with sweet treats, pies, and chocolate. If you are fussy about what you pour your coffee into, you will find the right mug here or look online if you are at home.

Cracker Barrel Premium Hand-Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans

Great care is taken not to over roast and burn the coffee which is hand-picked Arabica from Columbia and Brazil. Those of us that love our coffee know that it is always coffee time, and we look forward to our fix of Dark Roasted beans. When you are in a hurry there is nothing better than the convenient single-serve coffee cups in pods, and the pods are fully recyclable.

Arabica coffee is also known as the Arabian coffee and is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated, it still represents about 60% of the global production market. The coffee grows on a shrub in the mountainous regions of South America and is picked by hand. it is less acidic and superior in taste and smoother than the Robusta Bean. There are more than 100 coffee species, and you soon develop a preference based on the taste and smoothness, so it is easy to see why most people prefer to drink Arabica as Arabica is considered to be of higher quality than other coffees.

How To Make Your Arabica Coffee At Home The Cracker Barrel Way?

You have bought your Premium 100% Arabica Coffee Beans from Cracker Barrel and you are now taking it home to make your favorite coffee.

You have your new Keurig K -Classic Coffee Maker which you ordered online, such a good price, Today because you are testing the machine for the first time you will try your newly ground coffee which is such a good fit with your new machine. You also have the pods at home, but you are very keen to try to recreate your Cracker Barrel experience. Your machine has simple button controls and the instructions are straightforward.

It brews multiple cups which will be handy living in a family and if you want to increase the strength there is a strong brew button. The good thing is you actually can brew 8 cups before having to refill and the reservoir is easily removed for refilling. The family gathers around as everyone wants a ground coffee and nearly all of them love the Arabica Premium Beans which have been expertly ground for you, it is going to save so much money not going out for coffee all the time.

The verdict is positive, everyone loves their smooth coffee, and what is even better is the machine is so easy to use that they are learning to make it themselves. The Arabica coffee is very popular and such a good fit with all the Keurig Coffee machines and if you live alone and have the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker, Single Serve, the Arabica coffee tastes just as perfect when made in this machine.


To get the best Cracker Barrel coffee experience you should brew 100% Premium Arabica Beans in your new Keurig K-cup Coffee machine. You can’t go wrong as they are amazing products that are made for one another.