The Best Coffee Scoop Size For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Coffee scoop

Nothing will get the hackles of coffee lovers rising up quicker than a debate about what makes for the perfect cup of coffee. There are of course many variables involved in creating the perfect brew and then, of course, those variables are variable for all specialty coffee drinks as well! It’s no wonder that this topic can have so many diverse opinions. In this article, we will look at one of those variables, and that is, what size coffee scoop for a perfect brew?

How Big Is a Coffee Scoop?

The standard size for coffee scoops are generally 2 tablespoons worth of coffee. So when people talk about a scoop of coffee they are generally talking about 2 tbsp of coffee. However, our world is never as simple as that unfortunately and coffee scoops do indeed come in different sizes as well. The other popular size tends to be measured at 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds per scoop.

For the purposes of this article, and in the interests of all our sanity, I am going to always refer to a coffee scoop as being the 2 tbsp variety.

Does a Coffee Scoop Size Really Matter?

Does it really matter how much coffee you scoop into your french press or drip coffee maker? Equally what about espresso, does it really make a difference to know how much coffee to use? The answer is, yes… and no. If you are the sort of person who just needs a caffeine fix first thing in the morning and you don’t really mind how it tastes then, sure it doesn’t really matter.

If, on the other hand, you are the sort of person who is always looking for the best taste you can get from your cup of Joe, then yes, it really does make a difference to the overall taste, smoothness, and complexities of your cup of coffee to get the measurements correct.

What Size Is a Coffee Scoop For Drip Coffee?

Let’s look at what is needed to make the perfect regular drip coffee, made in something like this fantastic drip coffee maker:

We also need to know what a coffee scoop actually is? Essentially, a coffee scoop is a measurement of 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Take a look at this awesome coffee scoop:

Now that we can see what type of coffee we are making, just reference the table below to see what measurements make for the perfect cup of drip coffee.

Drip Coffee Measurements For Perfect Brew

Number of Regular (6 oz) Coffee CupsNumber Of Coffee Scoops (2 tbsp scoop)Amount Of Water (fl oz)
1 Cup1 Scoop6 fl oz Water
2 Cups2 Scoops12 fl oz Water
3 Cups3 Scoops18 fl oz Water
4 Cups4 Scoops24 fl oz Water
5 Cups5 Scoops30 fl oz Water
6 Cups6 Scoops36 fl oz Water
7 Cups7 Scoops42 fl oz Water
8 Cups8 Scoops48 fl oz Water
9 Cups9 Scoops54 fl oz Water
10 Cups10 Scoops60 fl oz Water
11 Cups11 Scoops66 fl oz Water
12 Cups12 Scoops72 fl oz Water

All these measurements are based on extensive testing among drip coffee lovers around the world over time. We are all made as individuals though and so we all have our own individual tastes and especially so when it comes to coffee. Use the table above as a guide and then modify your measurements to suit your taste buds.

If you like a stronger coffee then try adding half a scoop more. If that is better, then that is how you should make it every time.

What Size Is a Coffee Scoop For Espresso Coffee?

To make the perfect espresso to suit your discerning taste buds then you need to know the best ratio of coffee grounds to water for espresso coffee. If you have a coffee machine for making espresso then you should be able to adjust the length of time it takes for the machine to pour the hot water to extract the coffee. This is how we can control the amount of water expressed in your coffee cup.

Perfect shot of espresso – ratio 1:2 coffee to espresso drink

The typical numbers for this are 1:2 as a ratio. That is 1 part coffee grounds to 2 parts of espresso coffee drink in your cup. To get this ratio right for your coffee machine then you need to follow these steps.

  1. Measure the weight of your fine ground coffee on some highly accurate and precise coffee scales. Measure 1 scoop (2tbsp) for 1 cup of espresso.
  2. Log down the weight of your ground coffee.
  3. Estimate how long to set your espresso machine’s pour time to pour 2 x the weight of your coffee grounds. e.g. coffee grounds weigh 0.7 oz then estimate pour time to make 1.4 oz of espresso drink in your cup.
  4. Test this out by weighing the espresso drink created from step 3 and adjust your machine’s pour time to compensate until you hit that 1:2 ratio of coffee grounds to espresso drink.

Once you have the machine programmed for the correct espresso pour time, you just need to make sure that you tamp the same amount of coffee grounds every time in your porta filter. This will ensure that you get the perfect cup of espresso every time you make one.

Obviously, if you prefer your espresso to be stronger or weaker then change this ratio accordingly until you find a strength that suits your taste.

What Size Coffee Scoop For French Press Coffee?

French press coffee measurements are very similar to that of drip coffee. As a general rule, you should aim for a ratio of 1:3 initially and with trial and error work out a ratio to suit your tastes. The ratio 1:3 refers to 1 part coffee to 3 parts water. I have compiled a handy table below that will help you get started with your French press coffee maker.

French Press Coffee Measurements For The Perfect Cup

Number of Regular (6 oz) Coffee CupsNumber Of Coffee Scoops (2 tbsp scoop)
Number Of Coffee Scoops (2 tbsp scoop)
Amount Of Water (fl oz)
1 Cup0.5 Scoop1 Scoop6 fl oz Water
2 Cups1 Scoop2 Scoops12 fl oz Water
3 Cups1.5 Scoops3 Scoops18 fl oz Water
4 Cups2 Scoops4 Scoops24 fl oz Water
5 Cups2.5 Scoops5 Scoops30 fl oz Water
6 Cups3 Scoops6 Scoops36 fl oz Water
7 Cups3.5 Scoops7 Scoops42 fl oz Water
8 Cups4 Scoops8 Scoops48 fl oz Water
9 Cups4.5 Scoops9 Scoops54 fl oz Water
10 Cups5 Scoops10 Scoops60 fl oz Water
11 Cups5.5 Scoops11 Scoops66 fl oz Water
12 Cups6 Scoops12 Scoops72 fl oz Water


How Can I Measure Coffee Without a Scoop?

You can easily measure out a scoop of ground coffee with a tablespoon. Just remember that generally, 1 scoop is equal to 2 tablespoons.

How Many Oz is a Coffee Cup?

Generally, a coffee cup in the USA is measured at around 4 fluid ounces for a small cup to 6 fluid ounces for a larger cup. The easiest way is to get your cup of water, fill it with water and then pour into a measuring jug to see.

In Conclusion

Perfect coffee brewing is an art form and there are a large number of variables to getting it right. I hope this article has shed some light on one of those variables which is getting the coffee to water ratio right.

I have shown that the various coffee specialities, have different ratios to work with and have included some handy tables for you to reference to get it right when you are making your next cup of coffee.

I have also shown that like any art form, it is all about taste, so you should use these ratios as just guides until you get the perfect coffee scoop ratio that is right for you.